The Ceremony

Joining our lives together, we have become partners in adventure (climbing) and in art (filmmaking). On September 19, 2015, we celebrated our union by combining those two passions. We chose to have the ceremony in Yosemite as it is an incredibly important place for Shane, and it’s where we got engaged.

Together with our Best Man, Maid of Honor, Officiant/Father(-in-Law) and Videographer/Photographer, we hiked in for about an hour and a half, gaining about 1,000 feet of elevation, to the base of El Capitan. We ascended the wall 300 feet to a small ledge overlooking El Cap Meadow and the Yosemite Valley. We exchanged our vows on that ledge. And we filmed the whole thing.

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The Team

Due to the technically and physically challenging nature of our ceremony, only a small, trained group joined us in Yosemite, plus our immediate family members. Our incredible wedding party trained with us for months to prepare for this trip. We want to thank you all for your support of our crazy idea and for coming along on the ride with us!

The Bride

Joyce Yoo

“My Honey”

The Groom

Shane Borza

“My Bebby”


Maid of Honor

Mollie Kaiser

“Mollie Muscles”

Best Man

Louie Campopiano

“The Bull”


Officiant/Father of the Bride

Young Ki Yoo

“The Rev”


Jeff Auricchio

“El Jefe”


Mother of the Bride

Mihyung Yoo

“Mimi Yoo”

Mother of the Groom

Deborah Westcott

“Mimi Westcott”


Brother of the Bride

David Yoo


Our Collaborators

A number of talented people helped us prepare and make this experience a reality. Meet them and see their work. Huge thanks to all of you!


Jeff Auricchio



Jacobee Rose Buchanan



Physical Therapy

AFP Center



The Kettlebell Gym






Gear/Big Wall Guru

Erik Sloan

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3 thoughts on “Wedding

  1. Shane, congratulations!!! So happy w your good news. I’m sure you picked a gem :). Your mom wrote me. Was I supposed to see a video of t wedding? Couldn’t get it.
    Love, Naomi

  2. Shane, I have NO RECOLLECTION OF SENDING THIS!!!! (1/9/19)
    next time I see you, I might forget my own name…..but remind me!😦

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