Our Story

About Joyce

(aka Juice aka Noyce)

joyce croppedJoyce is a writer, marketer, filmmaker, and avid cake eater. She was born in Los Angeles to Korean immigrant parents, Young Ki Yoo and Mihyung Yoo, who ran a small dry cleaning business and later entered the ministry, where they continue to serve today. Her family also includes her older brother David and younger brother Edwin. Joyce earned her Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics & Anthropology from UCLA and her MBA from Pepperdine University. She produced and starred in her first independent feature film, Violent Night: The Movie, released in 2011. She has since worked on several other film projects, including Upstate Boys, a documentary feature currently in post-production and the first project that she and Shane have collaborated on. Joyce adores interspecies friendships and will go all Chris-Farley-as-a-Gap-Girl on you if you take her candy.

About Shane

(aka MFSB)

Shane with name croppedShane is a filmmaker, rock climber, and stuntie. He was born in Vermont and raised in Glens Falls, a small town in Upstate New York where his mother Deborah Westcott, younger sister Kimberly, niece Keana, and extended family still currently live. Throughout his teens, Shane was extremely active in rock climbing, scout camp, and skiing. He earned a BA in Literature & Writing with a minor in Anthropology from SUNY Potsdam and a Master’s degree in Human Relations with a focus on Education from University of Oklahoma. He has also served in the Air Force and studied film at International Film School Sydney in Australia. He has written, directed, and performed stunts in a number of shorts and features, including the forthcoming documentary Upstate Boys, filmed in his hometown. Shane fell in love with Yosemite in 2009 when he spent 8 months living and working there. After 35 years of not drinking coffee, Shane now NEEDS it.

How We Met

One evening in May of 2012, “juice400” received a message from “climberpoet” on online dating site OkCupid. It was a flurry of scattered thoughts, generously peppered with exclamations of “awsum,” and severely lacking in capitalization and punctuation. juice400 read the message and thought:

Prince - Yikes

But OkCupid said they were a 93% match, and they had a lot in common: filmmaking, vagabond tendencies, former teaching jobs, and a love of poetry slams. So juice400 sent back a (much briefer) message, suggesting they get together.

A few days later on June 6, 2012, Joyce met Shane at a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. They sat next to each other at the table instead of across from each other like the couple of weirdos they were. He was a good talker. She was a good listener. (They both still are.) They ended up talking until 1:00 am. On her way home, Joyce texted Mollie, her future Maid of Honor, to let her know she had not been murdered by an Internet stranger. Not only had he turned out to be a non-murderer, but Joyce had rather liked him.

The rest, they say, is chat history.

The Relationship

Neither of us wanted this. Love had to wear us down with small jabs round after round until it finally knocked us on our butts with a leg sweep (don’t criticize the boxing metaphorthis is an MMA metaphor). Although we hit it off on the first date, we took things very slowly. Part of it was our schedules rarely lining up. A bigger part of it was our reluctance to jump into a relationship. I (Joyce) had been wanting to move to New York for a while and I was almost positive I would go. So what would be the point?

Well, I did end up moving to Brooklyn in Spring 2014. We weren’t sure what would happen with us. There was a definite possibility that I would stay there and we would go our separate ways. But remember that leg sweep? It happened while I was in New York. It fractured my ankle. Ok, so the ankle was a separate incident, but the point is, we realized it was totally stupid for us to not be together.

Before I left for NYC, we had made plans to head up to his hometown in Upstate New York that Fall to film a documentary. So in September 2014, we met in NYC, took the Amtrak to Glens Falls, and filmed for 2 weeks. After we wrapped, we both flew home to Los Angeles, ready to start our lives together. Well fought, love. Well fought.

Upstate Boys film crew at the train station

Upstate Boys film crew at the train station

The Proposal

(according to Joyce)

Over Memorial Day weekend in 2015, we went up to Yosemite to climb El Cap. It was a disaster and a miracle. Nothing went as planned. And in the end, we were desperately driving to find a hotel when he proposed without proposing. He rambled on and on and finished with, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I said, “Ok” in acknowledgement that I was listening. He asked, “Is that a yes?” I said, “Well, you haven’t asked a question!” Exhausted and relieved, we both laughed deliriously. It was better that it was so ridiculous and imperfect. Like us.

Oh yeah, he did end up asking the question, and…


I said yes.

In Yosemite during our proposal trip

In Yosemite during our proposal trip

6 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. This is really rather cool. Well done my dear. I guess I owe you way more than one drink when we finally meet face-to-face. Despite the tide, marriage is pretty groovy. At least my bide and I find it so. Enjoy each other and your very own adventure.

  2. Your story is a unique as you are, Joyce. I certainly am looking forward to meeting Shane as it appears “kindred spirits” doesn’t come close enough to describing what you two are. Congratulations to both of you and your families! I feel the love!


  3. Dear Shane and Joyce — your “Our Love Be Like” section made my day, you guys are ultimate relationship goals. Lurv you, can’t wait to celebrate tonight!

  4. My invitation lost in cyberspace?

    Looking you up I discovered you are married. Congratulations. I wish you and your bride all the best. Marriage is a good move and only slightly more dangerous than climbing.

    You are welcome back in Sydney anytime.

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